Personal & Vehicle Loans in New Zealand

Since 1995 Broadlands Finance Limited has specialised in providing hire purchase finance, personal loans and property finance to customers who fall outside the lending criteria of the banks and other major lending institutions.

Vehicle Finance.

Looking for a new car? Perhaps a motorbike or new boat? Then Broadlands can help with a no fuss, easy repayment loan. We will ensure you get the right finance solution for you.

Personal Loans.

If you need personal finance now, for any reason, we make it easy. Whatever you’re thinking of doing – going on holiday, renovating your home, or simply consolidating debt we can help.

Credit Repair

It can be difficult to obtain finance with bad credit.

What can you do?

  1. Obtain a copy of your credit report. This will be supplied for free by the credit company upon application. Get your free credit report within 10 working days at
  2. Check that the information on the report is correct.
  3. If it is not correct – contact the credit reporting company and notify them of the dispute.

Sometimes the information is accurate and can’t be changed. However a bad score or defaults and judgments or even bankruptcies won’t last forever. Your credit will get better over time without any action by you.

One thing is certain and that is your improved credit won’t last long unless you change your habits. If you want to maintain good credit that means only borrowing what you can afford to repay and making your repayments on time.

Your credit rating is one of your most valuable assets. A good score will help you to borrow at reduced rates. You are a more attractive customer for a loan if you have a history of repaying your debts regularly and on time.

If you can’t fix your credit today and need finance – still contact us at We have a history of being able to assist with loans even if you are rejected by other lenders.

Used Car Safety Rating

Holden or Ford which is safer? What about other brands and models? Are sedans safer than people movers? Which vehicle has a 5 star rating and which has a 1 star rating?

Let’s face it – driver safety is important. What protection does your car offer you as the driver? Find out now. Go to

If your concerned about driver protection in a crash (and we all should be) and your existing car offers only minimal protection then you need to change your vehicle. Select a vehicle that offers maximum protection for driver safety.

If you need finance to change vehicles and obtain that maximum protection – then contact Broadlands Finance Limited lending department – we have a history of assisting most borrowers, even those with a credit challenged history. Contact us today and upgrade your safety rating..