Broadlands Finance

Broadlands was established in 1995.  It is a small niche finance company largely focused on Motor Vehicle Lending.

It restructured in October 2007 at a time when most finance companies in the industry were failing.  With the financial backing of its director, Tony Radisich, it has continued to operate in the Motor Vehicle Financing area dealing with mostly credit challenged individual borrowers rather than corporates.  It has a strong consumer base of borrowers developed over the last 20 plus years. It is poised to expand its area of operations and is looking forward to a strong future providing much needed access to everyday funding for its customers.  Watch this space!

Bad Credit Rating

We approve loans even with bad history and defaults

Work Visa

We lend to you even if you are a Work Visa Holder

Used Cars

We can lend on used cars up to 13 years old

Fast Approval

We can make a decision regarding your loan within 24 hours

Learner Drivers Licence

Learner Licence - No Problem

Easy Online Application

Simple application that takes 5 minutes


Tony Radisich

A motor vehicle trader since the early 1980’s Tony has expanded his areas of business operation to include consumer finance, the business of being a registered and approved insurance provider and commercial and property ownership and development. A natural leader, Tony has the vision and ability to decide upon a course of action, chart a course and see it to its conclusion. He has the drive and enthusiasm to direct his team and encourage them to achieve his vision. Tony has concentrated his efforts more recently on his insurance business but he still retains daily oversight and communication with his finance team. With the right direction Broadlands has an unlimited future.