Vehicle Finance.

Looking for a new car? Perhaps a motorbike or new boat? Then Broadlands can help with a no fuss, easy repayment loan. We will ensure you get the right finance solution for you.


Q.What are the costs of borrowing from Broadlands?
Q.What are the Terms and Conditions of finance?
Q.What Interest Rate do you charge?
Q.Do you charge any standard additional or ongoing fees?
Q.When do I receive a statement of my Account
Q.Do you charge any late payment or penalty fees?
Q.What additional Information is required?
Q.How long will it take for my loan to be approved?
Q.Can I get a Pre-Approval to start looking for a car?
Q.Do you offer any form of Insurance?
Q.How long are your vehicle finance terms?
Q.Are there any minimum or maximum amounts we can borrow?
Q.Is there limit as to what age or mileage the car must be?
Q.What Age do I have to be to get a Loan?
Q.What is your Driver’s License Requirements?
Q.I have some credit issues, can you help?
Q.What happens if I cannot make repayments in the future?
Q.Do I need to insure the Vehicle?
Q.How do I make repayments on the Loan?
Q.Is there any penalty for Prepayment or Early Settlement?
Q.Do you offer 'top ups' or refinances to upgrade?
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